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Meet The Team

President / Owner

cell: 732-742-0719

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With 25+ years of experience, Ryan is a FRANCHISE FINANCE EXPERT. During his career, Ryan worked primarily for mid ticket, conventional, franchise lenders working with tier 1-3 qsr and casual dining concepts. This includes a deep tie within the Dunkin' brand. He was always the top producer for any bank he worked for due to his excellent skills in relationship building, unparalleled service and communication, aggressively seeking business, high retention of clientele, and ability to get deals funded.

Over the years Ryan became determined to overcome one of the biggest roadblocks in franchise financing: to obtain funding on bankable deals that were often turned away simply because the credit profile wasn't in line with the bank's credit parameters. Hence the dream of forming Linsky Capital, where he could ensure his clients get the benefit of access to multiple lenders to meet their specific financing needs regardless of loan type, concept, or size. This dream became a reality when Ryan formed Linsky Capital January 1st, 2019. Ryan is a very proud father of three (3) beautiful children named Alexa, Brinley, and Coby. Other than growing Linsky Capital, Ryan's other interests include spending quality time with his kids, family, and friends...including boating down at the shore.

Ryan K. Linsky

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Alexa May Linsky

Senior Vice President

cell: 908-930-8466

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As Senior Vice President at Linsky Capital, Alexa's primary responsibility is to network and develop relationships with franchisees who are seeking financing. She obtains a deep understanding of their existing business structure, and creates a financing solution that is specific to her client's current and future needs. Additionally, Alexa takes great pride in maintaining a strong, trusting bond with Linsky Capital's existing clients. From start to finish, Alexa is there to support you throughout your financing journey and will help you meet your business goals. Alexa also networks with other individuals in the franchise space including attorneys and accountants to provide additional resources for her clients.


Aside from work, Alexa loves spending her time down at the Jersey Shore with family and friends, as well as traveling the world.

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Lindy Baldwin

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As Director at Linsky Capital, Lindy boasts a dedicated tenure within the franchise lending industry. With 15+ years of franchise lending experience, she has withheld Business Development positions at First Franchise Capital, Pacific Premier Franchise Capital, Sterling National Bank (now Webster Bank), and most recently, United Community Bank. During her career, Lindy has worked for middle market, conventional lenders primarily specializing in top-tiered, quick-service, franchised brands. Having deep roots for many years within the franchise space, she prides herself in retaining strong, loyal relationships, and she looks forward to possessing the very same at Linsky Capital. Lindy will continue to support her existing client base while expanding upon new relationships with franchisees, franchisors, attorneys, accountants banking institutions, etc.    
In addition to her many career successes, Lindy is also very proud of her family. Marrying her high-school sweetheart, Bryan, and being blessed with 2 handsome boys, Zach and Thad and 1 beautiful daughter, Allison. Equally important, Lindy enjoys being a grandmother to grandson Breckyn and granddaughter, Emersyn.  
Beyond her professional work-life, Lindy enjoys spending time with her family, weightlifting, and traveling to sunny, tropical places with sandy beaches.  

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